Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moving on up...

So excited that we will no longer be staying in this, way too small, two bedroom, one bathroom, apartment. Before being stationed here at Fort Carson, we were at Fort Hood. We lived in a gorgeous four bedroom, two full bathrooms, two car garage house with an amazing large front and back yard.
Our kids had so much room to play inside and out, with a swingset made by the Papa, and built by their Papa, two oldest Brothers and Daddy.
Our house was on the circle at the very end of our street, so when our 4 and 5yr olds wanted to ride their bikes, they had a safe place to do so.
We didn't have to wait our turn for the potty or the shower (blessing in disguise with four+ people!).
And to be extremely honest, I miss all of that room. We didn't even have enough furniture to fill that house. But we were okay with that. I can't wait not to be cramped any more. Even if it means we might not be there for long and us moving back on base. We are all so ready for this move! Just a few more days and we will be comfortable again!

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