Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moving on up...

So excited that we will no longer be staying in this, way too small, two bedroom, one bathroom, apartment. Before being stationed here at Fort Carson, we were at Fort Hood. We lived in a gorgeous four bedroom, two full bathrooms, two car garage house with an amazing large front and back yard.
Our kids had so much room to play inside and out, with a swingset made by the Papa, and built by their Papa, two oldest Brothers and Daddy.
Our house was on the circle at the very end of our street, so when our 4 and 5yr olds wanted to ride their bikes, they had a safe place to do so.
We didn't have to wait our turn for the potty or the shower (blessing in disguise with four+ people!).
And to be extremely honest, I miss all of that room. We didn't even have enough furniture to fill that house. But we were okay with that. I can't wait not to be cramped any more. Even if it means we might not be there for long and us moving back on base. We are all so ready for this move! Just a few more days and we will be comfortable again!

Friday, August 26, 2011

We meet again!

Today is our third day of the new Home School year. This week we have been going over our Kindergarten work to make sure we know all we did two months ago.

The kids are doing great and Mommy is pleased! They are working hard and keeping up without much effort.
We spent our first day of School at the Library. We took their workbooks with us and when they finished the worksheets, we picked out books to read.

Yesterday we read all of the books we checked out from the Library. The one the kids liked a lot is called Gibbus Moony wants to bite you! By, Leslie Muir. They drew pictures of their favorite part of the story.
Today is full of worksheets, reading and flashcards! I truly have missed this time with them. They are extremely bright and the amount of information they retained is amazing to me. It doesn't seem that they have forgotten anything we went over last year. That in itself is exciting for me.

Not to say that I think this Home School year is going to be a complete breeze, we all have things that don't come as easy to us as they might for others, but that is why I love Homeschooling my Children. I do set a schedule and want things done in a reasonable time but the coolest part is knowing that if either of them have any trouble with what ever we are learning in any subject, we literally could spend all day, or all week for that matter, going over that same thing until they pick it up and are comfortable enough with it to move on to the next assignment.

We haven't had this kind of circumstance come up yet and I am proud of that but it won't be a horrible set back if it does happen to. I have come to find out that by allowing them to pick which subject they want to do at certain times, allows them to be a little more excited about it. My Son loves numbers so obviously his first choice is normally Math. Where my Daughter likes to practice writing her letters and words she chooses Handwriting most of the time. We just keep going from there.

But you know, my favorite part of the day is when we do Story Time. We all cuddle up in the recliner, with our blanket, a snack and which ever book it is they want to hear. Yes, I get to spend all day with them but it's that special time when we are really spending time with each other that means the most to all three of us.

I can't wait for next week!

Take Care :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Coming Home

I have been waiting since FOREVER to post this. On Saturday evening, a little after 9pm, those of us stationed at or visiting Fort Carson had the honor of Welcoming the Soldiers of 183rd Maintenance Company back home from a year deployment to Afghanistan.
With joy and a few tears, I stood proudly with my Family clapping and cheering for all of them. My Husband, who was sent back early, was very excited to see his buddies and all that he worked with.
I felt like a proud Mommy for some reason. Some these Soldiers, I feel, are kinda like our kids, Brothers or Sisters. They are all Family. We would do anything in our capability to help them.
Watching them walk through those doors and stand in front of us... an overwhelming amount of energy filled the room. You could feel all kinds if emotions floating through the air. 
And now that they are all back home, safe, that energy, should continue to stay alive within each and every one of us. They completed their mission in Afghanistan, but ours and theirs is not over. Each and everyone of them will continue to need our love, friendship and support.
I, personally, want all Soldiers to State side and abroad to know that my Family loves, cares for and supports you PROUDLY!
With that said, if you are a Soldier, Family Member or Friend, please feel free to not only post any comments you have on here or contact me via email. I am lending you my ear. I may not have all the answers if you are asking a question but I will do everything I can to get that answer for you. If you just need some one to talk to, I am here and will get back to you ASAP!
Thank you for your Service and Sacrifice!

A Proud Army Wife, Daughter of a Marine Viet Nam Vet, and Patriotic American!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Eventful After All

First, I Hope everyone is having a great Monday.  My Uncle called late last night. Due to a late start and needing to continue with his travel schedule he won't be stopping by.

We are back to our weekly routine. Hubby is back to his Army work and my work, well let's just say it's a lot of fun. I get to hang out with my kids all day while cleaning, watching them eat and hear all of their interesting conversation.

And even better today, I have my 12 yr old Step-Son, Jaden and I am also watching one of my many favorite lil guys for a friend of ours.

I enjoy this 1 yr old very much. He is super sweet and really funny. He reminds me a lot of my little Braydyn when he finally learned to tottle around. 

My Son is now 6 and my little girl is 5. I really miss the baby days sometimes. But I am enjoying their cray silliness and all of the fun we have together.

I especially love when they ask if they can help me clean up. I don't always let them help but I do say thank you for the extremely sweet offer.

Off to clean up a little bit. Have a great day!

Take care,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Awake For Far Too Long

Russ and I woke up around 11am yesterday, did our normal routines and finally laid down to watch a movie a little after midnight.

We watched Clerks2 by one of our favorites, Kevin Smith. Laughing all the way through that one, we couldn't fall asleep, so we then watched the new True Grit.

At 5am we realized there was just no point in trying to go to sleep. The little ones would wake up in just a couple more hours and we would be more exhausted.

Russ decided to go fishing and take his 12 yr old, my step-son, with him. I got up and started the coffee and chated with them while they got ready to go. I washed dishes, worked on my blogs and checked up on my Facebook buddies. 

My guys got back from fishing a lot sooner than I thought they would. Our little ones finally got up, ate breakfast and took their showers.

My Hubby is now helping a buddies wife move her things. And I am hanging out with the kiddos, waiting on a call from my Uncle Oscar.

I haven't seen him in 2yrs. He visited the kids and I in Killeen when we were stationed there. It was the first time he and my kids met. Russ was deployed at the time and has never met him before.

Uncle Oscar is on a road trip and will be driving through Colorado so he is going to stop and visit. I am really hoping that Russ gets back before Uncle Oscar gets here. I'm not really sure what time that will be though.

Anyway, I'm sure I will be posting about our visit later. I am very excited to see him!

Take care,

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Texas Girl... Colorado living

 I am a born and raised Texas Girl and proud of it. With that being said, I moved to Colorado with my Husband and our two kiddos in November of last year. I have never been one that enjoys the cold weather. As my Husband says, I have no meat on my bones.

Colorado is a gorgeous place with tons of scenery, natural rock formations (Garden of the Gods was amazing!). However, what is up with Colorado weather during the Summer? I have yet to feel like it is Summer here. It feels a whole lot like a nice warm Texas Spring day. 

For example, taking my kids swimming is a joy for them. They are only allowed to stay for an hour because anything longer than that their lips literally start turning blue. I have only gotten in the pool once; way too cold for me. I dove right in and swam as fast as my little legs could propel me, shivering the entire way, getting out as quickly as possible. 

I tend to sit on the side of the pool now, sewing on whatever I am working on or reading. Just trying to catch those sun rays. I learned my lesson the first time! 

I know it could be worse. We could be stationed in Alaska... bbrrrrrr!

All I can say now is, this Texas Girl can't wait to get back! Don't get me wrong, Colorado, as I said before, is gorgeous and I love the sight-seeing, the beautiful mountains just outside my door and the people that I have been privileged to meet. But there is no place like home!

The high altitude takes a little getting used to as well. For about the first week or two, I have a consistent head ache. And I don't normally get dizzy but I do frequently visit the laying flat on my back with eyes squeezed tight and grasping onto the couch leg for dear life position. I don't even do that after spinning around and around with my little girl who always manages to say "Again Mommy, Again".

On another note, I enjoyed not only Garden of the Gods, but we also went to Seven Falls. The stairs up the side of the mountain were chained off due to the snow, but we got to ride in the mountain elevator up to the platform that allows you to look out all around you and see nothing but walls of mountains. Pretty neat in my book!

My very favorite and only other spot we have gone to, is Manitou Springs. After driving in a few small circles we found the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. I found this quote at the entrance gate very inspirational... I will post it at the end of this and leave you with that :) 

I may complain about the weather, but the beauty of Colorado and the way that it miraculously lifts your spirits just by walking outdoors is amazing. Being here makes me think of an Aunt who passed way before she should have. She loved being outside with nature. 
When I was little I would visit her with my parents just about every weekend. 

The fondest memory I have with her is walking out in a field of wild flowers. We picked a bunch of them and when we were finished we made head wreaths with them. I have no idea how she made them but she did so with love for me and Mother Nature. 

I know she would love it here so I do too. There is a freedom that washes over you when you are here in all the open air. The city, though it isn't that far away, seems as though it might be. I love driving at night on the highway and seeing all the lights. They look like a country night sky.

And here is that quote I promised you. I hope you enjoy my silly rants and come back often! Take Care,

"It is a simple belief... We are all of one human life. We must live in harmony with each other." ~Old Hopi Proverb~